4/8/2013 Daily US Cash Deficit

The US Daily Cash Surplus for 4/8/203 was $5.8B bringing the deficit through 8 days to $60B.

2013-04-08 USDD

Just a note related to the charts…for this month only…I am including for prior years the current date+1. For example, the above has through 4/8 for 2013, but through 4/9 for the other years. I am doing this to essentially sync up 2013 and 2012 and partially eliminate the timing we typically see throughout the month. This month…it is easy…the first business day of 4/2012 was Monday 4/2…the first business day of 4/2013 was Monday 4/1. So, by including 4/9/2012, I get  not only to compare 6 business days vs 6 business days… but the same business days. Doing this if one month started on a Thursday, and the other on a Monday wouldn’t really accomplish much…but in this case I think it does. I haven’t even looked at how it affects 2010/2011, but honestly I am mostly looking at 2012/2013 anyway….So be warned…I will be presenting like this for the rest of the month.
Looking at the charts…I see two months pretty much in sync…less the much discussed cost timing issue. Still no breakout in total net revenue, but there was a slight increase in tax deposits…now looking at +5.6% YOY, being offset by refunds and a decrease in “other”. Not time to panic yet, about not seeing 10% YOY increases…give that at least a few more weeks.