US Daily Cash Surplus 6/15/2015

The Us Daily Cash Surplus for Monday 6-15-2015 was $71B wiping away the June deficit and pushing us to a $22B surplus at the midway point.

2015-06-15B USDD

Corporate tax revenue were had a big day as expected coming in at $57B giving June 2015 a 10% YOY lead over 2014. Curiously, withheld taxes were down $7B vs Monday 6/16 last year…offsetting the gain in corporate taxes and holding the YOY to a mere 1.5% gain. If we get it back over the next few, we’d still be at around +5% on revenue for the month, and set to end up closer to +8% or so on the extra day. Next up areĀ un-withheld taxes, which should start coming in at $5-10B per day for the rest of the week before trailing off by month end. It looks like we are going to have to wait at least a few more days for that clarity…stay tuned.