US Daily Cash Deficit 5/6/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Tuesday 5/6/2014 was $2.2B bringing the May 2014 deficit through 6 days to $47B.

2014-05-06 USDD

For starters…I have synced up on days like I typically do…so we are comparing May 2013 through Tuesday the 7th to May 2014 through Tuesday the 6th. 2014 is down one business day…and will remain that way for the entire month. Being down one business day, 2014 revenues and outlays are running under 2013 as we would expect.

Keep an eye on Revenues…currently at -$12B….we are hoping to get to +$13B by the end of the month….look for slow but steady progress.¬†As I mentioned in my last post…the odds are already kinda stacked against May (and June…but we’ll discuss that later) so I’m preparing myself to be disappointed.