US Daily Cash Deficit 4/23/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Wednesday 4/23/2014 was $1.0B breaking a string of 8 consecutive surpluses totaling $169B as elevated revenues were overwhelmed by the 4th and final SS payment of the month. At $94B, the April 2014 surplus stands just about even with April 2013 with 5 business days left in the month.

2014-04-23 USDD

It was a good day…Taxes not withheld were up about $2B YOY…from $15B to $17B….but we’re going to need more than that to end the month with a respectable gain. If I had to call it now, I’d expect moderate revenue¬†gains…just say 2% or so, though I wouldn’t forecast that with a lot of certainty.