US Daily Cash Deficit 4/13/2015

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Monday 4/13/2015 was $13.4B bringing the April 2015 deficit through 13 days to $53B.

2015-04-13 USDD

2015 Revenues appear to be taking a step back, but I would guess it’s likely timing with 2014 being one day closer to tax day (Monday 4/14/2014) than 2015. Tomorrow it will get a lot worse, and honestly it may be close to the end of the month before the dust settles enough we get a good read on the YOY.  That won’t stop me from trying, but you’ve been warned. For now, 13 days into April, we don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Pulling out timing, I’d put revenue at ~+5% and outlays up a few percent…but all that could change in a day. Last year, 4/15 alone pulled in $77B of revenue, so a hit or miss here could make  or break the month….