US Daily Cash Deficit 11/8/2013

The US Daily Cash deficit for Friday 11/8/2013 was $3.5B, bringing the deficit for November 2013 to $56B through 8 days.

11-08-2013 USDD

The month continues to book solid YOY gains with Revenue being up 7% and Outlays being down 7% giving us our $12B deficit improvement so far. On deck…Tuesday’s following a holiday are always unpredictable, so we’ll find out what happenedĀ  with that tomorrow followed by a $12B social security payment that goes out 11/13 (we’ll see it in the report issued 11/14) Friday 11/15 brings in some additional tax revenues, but will be overwhelmed by a large interest payment due…~$30B. It’s still too early to know, but I have to be honest…I’m starting to get a bit nervous that my $160B full month forecast may have been a bit pessimistic, but hey…that’s a good thing right!!