US Daily Cash Deficit 11/12/2013

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Tuesday 11/12/2013 was $3.9B…pushing the November 2013 Deficit down to $52B through 12 days….virtually unchanged from the $56B deficit we posted on 11/1. Since then, it’s been a deficit here, a surplus there…more or less netting to zero. But that likely¬†ends with tomorrow’s report as a $12B SS payment is scheduled to go out, followed by ~$30B in interest payments on Friday.

11-12-2013 USDD

There is really no bad news in today’s DTS…revenues gained another $2B over last year and outlays were down a little. Withheld tax deposits are running at +9%…pretty much in line with expectations, while everything else is flat netted together.