7/29/2013 Daily US Cash Deficit

The US Cash Surplus for 7/29/2013 was $8.1B on strong Monday revenues and typical outlays. With two business days left, the July 2013 deficit is sitting at $88B. Tuesday normally yields a moderate deficit, and Wednesday…well, anything goes on the last day of a month. I expect revenues to be elevated, but there will also be a $5B or so interest payment…I’m more or less expecting a wash. I believe my initial estimate for the month was $80B…later revised to $90B +/- $10B (somebody correct me if I’m lying here…no time to go back and check right now). That still sounds good to me…we’ll know for sure in 48 hours.

07-29-2013 USDD

Remember….I’ve attempted to synchronize the months based on business days…so we are actually comparing through Monday the 30th of last year. I think this gives us the most useful YOY comparison… we’ll catch the extra day this Wednesday…should be good for an extra $8B or so revenue…and cost:(