Windows 8 First Glance 1/21/2013

Played around with it for 30 minutes yesterday and absolutely hate it…but….willing to give it a chance. I only need a few things from a computer. First, it has to be able to browse the intertubes, and second, it has to be able to handle some pretty huge excel files, as well as access and even a little sql. Fortunately, none of these are particularly demanding…Just about any windows 7 computer with 4GB or memory can handle everything I do, though 6 or 8GB would be better. Windows 7 handles all of that quite well, so whatever fancy new tricks windows 8 has will likely be wasted on me.
I did get office 2010 installed, but then couldn’t figure out how to open it without the start button. So I found an excel file and double clicked on it…which launched excel. Excel seems to run and look normal…check!!
Then I gave up for the day. I’m willing to keep trying because a few years back when I upgraded from office 2003 to 2007, I absolutely hated it for about a month. After that, I pretty much figured it out. A few months later, I switched to another job at a company still on 2003…and only then did I realize how great 2007 was. So, I’ll keep trying, and I’m sure I’ll figure out how to do everything I need to do, but honestly I don’t really expect it to actually be any better, just different. I see this as Microsoft’s attempt to “be cool” Maybe that’s what they need to do to stay competitive and profitable, but as a business user of my PC, I could care less about being cool, I just need a computer and OS that can handle my pretty basic needs without too much hassle.