US Daily Cash Deficit 9/23/2015

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Wednesday 9/23/2015 was $5.6B bringing the September 2015 Surplus through 23 days to $45B.

2015-09-23 USDD

Revenues are flat with only 5 business days remaining. However, the beginning of the month timing in 2015 pushed some revenue into August vs. the timing last year, which contributed to August’s +8.4% and got September off to a really slow start. 2015 is also down a business day compared to 2014….when we get it back next Wednesday it should give us a solid $10B+ bump. That alone isn’t going to get us to +5% but it makes a positive YOY fairly likely. Outlays look to be running a little hotter …already at +4% and the extra business day could easily add $10B+ just like revenues. Put it all together and my initial forecast of a $60B surplus still looks fairly reasonable but maybe a little on the high side.