US Daily Cash Deficit 9/18/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 9/18/2014 was $2.7B bringing the September surplus through 18 days to $41B.

2014-09-18 USDD

Taxes not withheld took a $1B step back which is curious, but they still hold a $2.7B 7.3% lead over September 2013, so it’s probably just an anomaly. There is still plenty of time left for it to go either way, but it’s not looking like it will match the +30% we are still seeing in corporate taxes.

In other news….I haven’t discussed Medicaid in a while. After running hot all year, including a 36% YOY increase in July, August took a breather posting only a 2% gain. 18 days into September 2014 it’s looking like it will be another bad month with a 25-30% gain if current trends hold. That pencils out to about $5B increase per month…$60B annualized….outpacing even social security, a program more than twice its size.