US Daily Cash Deficit 8/16/2013

The US Cash Surplus for 8/16/2013 was $3.5B bringing the August 2013 deficit through 16 days to $100B with 10 business days remaining. Revenues finally caught a break…making up $8B of the $13B deficit vs. last year we had as of the last report. At 4% down, it would be a safe bet that steady ground will be made up over the rest of the month…I am forecasting we get up to around +5%, but willing to be pleasantly surprised.

08-16-2013 USDD

For the coming week, the deficit will be moderate, maybe $15B-$20B +/- as Monday and Friday will likely post surplus, offset by deficits Tuesday-Thursday. No real action on the schedule from what I can see, so we will just keep our eye on the YOY revenues as we march toward the end of the month.