US Daily Cash Deficit 6/9/2014

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Monday 6/9/2014 was $5.4B bringing the June 2014 deficit down to $18B through 9 days.

2014-06-09 USDD

June 2014 continues to move pretty much in lockstep with June 2013. For the day, revenues were up about $400M…outlays were up about $600M. There really isn’t much interesting going on until the end of the week when we should start seeing corporate taxes trickle in before spiking Monday 6/16. Individual income taxes not withheld will also start trickling in, spiking in the middle of the week. So by Wednesday of next week, we should have a pretty good idea if we are going to see any big changes in revenues. Until then…it looks like more of the same.