US Daily Cash Deficit 5/28/2015

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 5/28/2015 was $1.7B bringing the May 2015 deficit with one day remaining to $106B.

2015-05-28 USDD

Revenues are sitting at +4% and outlays at ~+2%. Not a great month by any stretch, but progress nonetheless. Friday will likely run a $5-10B deficit, still leaving us well under last May primarily due to favorable timing…last May ~$30B +of outlays due 6/1 were pulled into May….this should not repeat as June 1 is on a Monday this year. Next Up…June, which should run a solid surplus in the ~$50B range as quarterly tax payments should boost revenues by ~$140B over May. As always revenue will be key…anything over 5% is pretty good news.