US Daily Cash Deficit 5/20/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Tuesday 5/20/2014 was $6.7B bringing the May 2014 deficit through 20 days to $82B with 7 business days remaining. 2014-05-20 USDD

It was a fairly typical Tuesday…low revenues and average outlays. Revenues were actually down about $600M…not terrible, but not in the right direction. Looking back a few weeks to my May 2014 deficit forecast of $133B….I’d say we are still pretty much on track to end up pretty close to that. We will continue to see the deficit grow moderately over the next week until next Friday 5/30…when we will probably see a $30B+ deficit primarily driven by outlays due June 1 being pulled into May by the timing of the weekend. The same thing happened last May, so we still end up with two roughly comparable months.