US Daily Cash Deficit 4/8/2015

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Wednesday 4/8/2015 was $11.3B bringing the April 2015 deficit through 8 days to $65B.

2015-04-08 USDD

2015 and 2014 are still roughly aligned…nothing so far to suggest a revenue¬†surprise is on the way in either direction.

I have barely heard a peep on the debt limit issue over the last few weeks, but thought it was worth noting that through 24 days of “Extrordinary Measures” (EM), the apparent value of the “missing” debt is about $51B. I don’t know exactly how much cash they can generate in this fashion, but I’d guess ~350B total. The current cash balance is $44B, so add to that another $300B of EM, and $200B for the surplus we are likely to run over the remainder of the month, and we have nearly a $550B cushion remaining before Uncle Sam for real runs out of cash. Assuming current run rates….I think that gets us to next February…which is probably when this will get resolved .