US Daily Cash Deficit 4/24/2015

The US Daily Cash Surplus for 4/24/2015 was $11.8B bringing the April Surplus with 4 business days remaining to $142B.

2015-04-24 USDD

Revenue continues to pour in building 2015’s lead over 2014 to +10% and likely headed higher. This is actually really good news for the deficit…not so good for taxpayers wallets. For the year, we have revenues up 9%, outlays up 3%. My initial forecast was for a $155B surplus…With 4 days left, ~$170B looks possible, though it is highly dependent on how long taxes not withheld keep flowing in. 4/24, they were at $17B vs $9B a year ago. Historically these fall off a cliff and are down to about $1B by month end, so any change in this pattern could drive the surplus even higher.