US Daily Cash Deficit 4/21/2014

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Monday 4/21/2014 was $16.7B bringing the April Surplus through 21 days to $56B.

2014-04-21 USDD

I have decided to go back to aligning 2014 and 2013 based on days of the week so our charts are comparing April 2013 through Monday 4/22 to April 2014 through Monday 4/21. 2013 has an extra business day….giving it roughly an additional $10B of revenue and $10B of cost.

Pull that out and you have 2 months that are pretty much in sync….all tied up at a $56B surplus. Same goes for the day…pretty much in sync, though taxes not withheld were up $1.6B, mostly offset by higher refunds.

Tomorrow may make or break the month…last year Tuesday 4/22 pulled in $47.2B of taxes not withheld…. A large miss here could lead to a YOY decline….a large gain could kick off a late surge…..