US Daily Cash Deficit 4/17/2014

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Thursday 4/17/2014 was $12.2B bringing the April 2014 Surplus through 17 days to $26B.

2014-04-17 USDD

Taxes not withheld were down again YOY…~$11B last year vs. $10B 4/17/2014. It’s not a big swing, but remember we are really looking for at least 10% growth from this category. On the other hand, taxes withheld were unusually strong for a Thursday just about bringing that category back to even YOY after being down a bit for most of the month.

Through 17 days, April is still looking a little better than 2013 but no real sign of a breakout…yet. There is still plenty of time for a nice upside swing, but we really need to see it soon, so all eyes on next Tuesday which looks like it could make or break the month.