US Daily Cash Deficit 3/19/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Wednesday 3/19/2014 was $11.2B bringing the March 2013 cash deficit through 19 days to $15B with 8 business days remaining.

2014-03-19 USDD

Revenue was up driven by Federal Reserve “Earnings” if you want to call them that and lower tax refunds. Outlays were up a bit as well primarily driven by a $12.7B SS payment bringing the monthly total to $50.7B with one large ~12B payment remaining next Wednesday.

As it stands, March revenue is sitting at +13% already even though it is down a business day to 2013, so look for that to continue to grow. For the year, we are currently at +10% revenues…outlays are down 2%.  It’s still early, but this is looking like it may be another year of great improvement….and that’s coming from an admitted pessimist 🙂