US Daily Cash Deficit 2/9/2015

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Monday 2/9/2015 was $2.2B bringing the February 2015 deficit through 9 days to $37B.

2015-02-09 USDD

Thanks to $19B of refunds that went out 2/10/2014, depressing recognized revenues, 2015 has pulled back ahead in revenues, and refunds are essentially now even as well with 2014 at $31B and 2015 at $32B. Last year ended up at $128B for the month….I am not expecting 2015 to keep pace, but you never know. Through 6 days, revenue is up about $4B on what looks like bonafide growth, and outlays are up $6B on timing. To put it in perspective, we seem like we are on track for a $200B+ deficit for the 7th February in a row in a row.