US Daily Cash Deficit 2/27/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 2/27/2013 was $8.1B bringing the February 2014 deficit to $184B with one business day remaining.2014-02-27 USDD

Just for fun, I have re-synced the days on day of month from day of week, so we are now comparing 27 days of 2013┬áto 27 days of 2014. Ballpark, I would guess a $35B deficit for 2/28, which would get us to $219B for the month vs. $229B last year. Outlays will be flat…maybe up a little, and revenues will also be up a little. Refunds are still a big question mark….historically, I’d guess maybe $4B-$5B. Any divergence from this rate will impact the deficit accordingly.