US Daily Cash Deficit 1/9/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 1/9/2014 was $5.2B, which in addition to the unreported$10.3B deficit for Thursday 1/8/2013 brings the January 2014 cash deficit through 9 days to $35B.

2014-01-09 USDD

No real YOY movement over the last 2 days. So far this month, while we still have some unresolved timing issues making it difficult to forecast, just penciling it out, we are on track for roughly flat outlays and moderate revenue gains for the month. But…let me be clear…that’s only if the trend holds, and that’s probably not a safe assumption at this point.

Starting early next weak, we will see the beginning of a revenue surge that should last about a week as tax payments are made…roughly between¬†1/14 and 1/23.Whatever happens during that period is going to determine whether we have a terrible, ok, or great month, and should give us some insight into what the rest of the year looks like.