US Daily Cash Deficit 1/7/2013

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Tuesday 1/7/2013 was $1.9B…a bit of a surprise since we generally do not see surpluses on Tuesday.ย  I suppose it’s a bit comical….yesterday I commented on how the cash FTD’s for the day were up only 2.2%…not nearly enough. Today…as if our prayers were answered….cash FTD’s were 6.511B compared to 2.331B last year(1/8/2013)…good for nearly a triple ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok…maybe I’ve learned my lesson….unless somebody at Treasury ย is reading my blog and screwing with me?? In any case…it was a pretty good day…at this pace we should have the entire debt paid off in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

2014-01-07 USDD

On the month…primarily due to our timing adjustments discussed before, withheld tax deposits are down 2%, Taxes not withheld are down 19%, and corporate tax deposits are down 9%. The good news is that Justice pulled in $1.7B today….is that another corporate fine? On the outlays side…thanks to the one less business day that is hurting revenue…outlays are down 15%. All in…this was a good day with a YOY revenue gain of $6B and a $3B decrease in outlays…good for a $9B improvement.