US Daily Cash Deficit 12/15/2015

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Monday 12/15/2014 was $70b, wiping out the December deficit and bringing us to a $4B surplus at the midpoint.

2014-12-15 USDD

It’s no surprise that revenues came flooding in, but corporate taxes are evenĀ better than expected. I had been thinking $+10B would be good, we are currently at $+$20B through 15 days as 2014 has $78B of corporate tax deposits vs $58B in 2013. Offsetting the upside in corporate taxes…withheld taxes are down 4% ($4B) which is curious but not worrying…yet. Altogether, revenues are now up $15B.

No real movemnet in outlays…now sitting at $+44B YOY….up another $1B over the last report.