US Daily Cash Deficit 12/12/2013

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 12/12/2013 was $2.3B bringing the December 2013 cash deficit through 12 days to $45B….still more or less even with 2012

12-12-2013 USDD

So…standing right on the cusp of a likely ~$100B revenue surge as quarterly payments due 12/15 flow in over the next few business days…December is a tad bit disappointing….We need to get to about $+30B YOY to meet the $51B surplus I forecasted(vs a $21B surplus Dec-2012)….yet with almost half the month behind us, we are still tied up with 2012, with revenues actually down about 2% so far. Clearly, we would like to be at +5-10B by now, but all is not lost…there is still plenty of time left to get there…for now.

Now…I know I’ve been building up to these quarterly payments all month, and we should know by late next week how bad/good they look…but, unfortunately fortunately I’m going to be off the grid for most of the next week…so no daily updates. I will try to post mid week, but no guarantees. At worst….I’ll be back Monday 12/23 with a full week update.