US Daily Cash Deficit 1/21/2014

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Tuesday 1/21/2014 was $11.8B…surpassing Tuesday 1/22/2013’s $10B surplus by $1.8B. Revenues were up $1.1B, outlays were down $0.7B.

2014-01-21 USDD

We are still expecting a big revenue show tomorrow that¬†could push the month in either direction, but for now…revenues have pulled to even. ¬†Last January, revenues ended up at $289B…so for a 6% YOY gain we would need to get to $306B…a $17B gain. So…is a $17B gain in the next 8 business days possible? It appears to be quite achievable. First off, due to how we synced the days up…we get an extra day at the end…that should be good for ~$10B….meaning all we need is about $1B per day to get there. Nothing about that seems unrealistic…a big beat tomorrow could make it a cakewalk…a miss could make it a bit tougher.