US Daily Cash Deficit 12/11/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 12/11/2014 was $2.6B bringing the December 2014 deficit through 11 days to $85B.

2014-12-11 USDD

Revenues are sitting at $+3B YOY, up $1B from my last snapshot, though there are some hints that the incoming corporate taxes due 12/15 may be a good haul based on early (and immaterial) inflows. Outlays have gained $4B and now sit at +$43B YOY. My next update will likely be Tuesday, when we should have a pretty good idea of how corporate taxes came in…..$60B would be a middle of the road estimate. Add that to what is likely to be strong witheld taxes and we should come close to turning the current $85B deficit into a surplus over the next week or so.