US Daily cash deficit 1/17/2014

The US Daily Cash Surplus for Friday 1/17/2014 was $0.7B bringing the January deficit through 17 days to $20B.

2014-01-17 USDD

For the day, Revenue was down $1.5B, including a $1B reduction in Taxes not withheld….from $5.2B Friday 1/18/2013 to $4.2B Friday 1/17/2014. It could be nothing…the big day to watch will be Wednesday…last year Wednesday 1/23/2013 pulled in $18.5B…

Outlays continue to fall…this time another $2.5B YOY bringing the total to $-21B. As we’ve discussed, probably $10B of that is just 2013’s additional day. The rest…it’s not real clear…a lot of it seems to be “other”…like the $1.6B IMF payment in 2013 that we haven’t seen in 2014, and other small things like Federal Crop insurance running about $1B lower than last year. I guess we can thank the beautiful weather?