US Daily Cash Deficit 11/21/2013

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 11/21/2013 was $4.6B bringing the November Deficit through 21 days to $98B with 5 business days remaining. Since the corresponding Thursday in 2012 (11/22/2012) was Thanksgiving….there was no activity…so 2013 shows gains in revenues and outlays throwing the timing off a bit, but it will catch back up next week by month end.

11-21-2013 USDD

Nothing else to really note other than that November 2013 continues to look like it will overperform my initial expectations of a $160B deficit with 5 business days to go…though 11/29 will be a wild one, so how it all ends is still up in the air. Right now, I’d say $135B-$155B looks most likely, but stay tuned.