US Daily Cash Deficit 10/9/2014

The US daily Cash Deficit for Thursday 10/9/2014 was $5.8B bringing the October 2014 deficit through 9 days to $60B through 9 days. Due to Columbus day, we won’t get the Friday report until tomorrow.

2014-10-09 USDD

It may be timing but revenue appears to be taking a small step back while outlays continue to gain YOY. Remember….in our comparison 2013 has an extra day on 2014, so we expect revenues and outlays to be lagging a bit. Revenues are…outlays are not. It’s still too early to worry much about, and I believe this time last year the government was shutdown due to the debt limit fight, so that probably is skewing our YOY a bit as well, but should wash out by the end of the month.