US Daily Cash Deficit 10/7/2014

The US Daily Cash Deficit for Tuesday 10/7/2014 was $4.8B following Monday’s $5.4B surplus, leaving the October 2014 deficit through 7 days at $50B.

2014-10-07 USDD

YOY revenue nudged up a hair, and Outlays are up a few $B, but no real material movement yet. October’s kind of a slow month….other than $10B or so of corporate taxes on the 15th….I wouldn’t expect anything but moderate deficits and surpluses through the rest of the month….with the deficit perhaps moving from $50B to $75B or so before a pretty big 10/31 deficit puts us up around $100B. So…I’ll be paying attention primarily to withheld taxes…the largest and least volatile cash source. As of now…they are up $435M…about 1%. Of course, with 2014 having one less day in our comparison….this is actually not a shabby number….let’s hope it continues gaining ground and ends up over +5%….