Introducing Beta

I’d like to take a minute to introduce another project of mine I’ve been working on for about a year now About a year ago, a simple question popped into my mind….how is my  climate changing in Houston Texas? After an extensive search turned up absolutely nothing, I stumbled across the NOAA site here, where mountains of data are available for anyone with time to wait in a near infinite queue, or the patience to figure out how to convert thousands of tar.gz files to text and consolidate them into a useful database. It was a maddeningly complex process, but here I am a year later with the preliminary results….a functioning web site where you can find a site close to you, and with a few clicks be viewing the observed climate data in a pretty excel chart. At this point, I have temperature data for about 26,000 global sites loaded up and ready to go.

I encourage you to check it out, provide feedback, and tell everyone you know about it. This is just the beginning…I am currently working on adding precipitation, and about a dozen other metrics into the file to give you a complete picture of the climate history of over 80,000 global sites.

Screenshot below….do follow the instructions. It takes a while to load the Google Map with all of the sites….hopefully the redesign I am working on will improve this.: