Daily US Deficit For 2/14/2013

The US Daily Deficit for 2/14/2013 was $6.2B bringing the February 2013 deficit through 14 days to $122B, still pretty much in line with 2012 on all fronts. In other news, it has been about two weeks since the debt limit was raised, and not surprisingly, the debt has increased $107B over that period after an immediate $41B increase. The current cash balance is $51B, and there are approximately three more months until we get to start playing that game again…May 19 if memory serves. The next DTS won’t be issued until next Tuesday because of Presidents Day, but it could be another whopper due to a large interest payment I am expecting will be made today. $40B+/- ┬ádeficit for 2/15/2013 is in the ballpark of what we can expect.

2013-02-14 USDD