Daily US Deficit For 12/27/2012

The US Daily Deficit for 12/27/2012 was $3.6B, pulling the surplus down to $18B with 2 business days remaining in December. It is still pretty close to 50/50, but leaning a little closer to ending up in the red again for the fifth straight December despite some favorable timing of outlays.
I know I promised a 2012 deficit preview last week, but have decided instead to just wait until we have the finals. 12/31 ¬†DTS will be out 1/2/2013 at 4….it will probably take a day or two to assemble from there, but if you can’t wait, I’m guessing that the 2012 cash deficit will be around $1.12T compared to last year’s $1.26T. The $140B improvement will be primarily due to a revenue improvement and flat outlays.

12-27-2012 USDD