Daily US Deficit For 1/16/2013

The US Daily Surplus for 1/16/2013 was $0.2B, bringing the deficit through 16 days to $35B, $16B under where we were this point in 2012. It is important to point out that through 16 days, 2013 is a full 2 business days ahead of 2012, which is really starting to make our revenue and outlay charts pop. 2013 Revenue is a full $47B ahead of 2012 and outlays are up $32B through our 16 calendar days. I expect this delta to be significantly reduced after the MLK holiday next week when 2012 and 2013 get more or less back in sync. Jan 2012 ended up with a $53B deficit…2013 is looking to end up less than that, but how much is difficult to forecast due to all of the moving pieces. I’ll just throw the dart at $25B, +/-20. We’ll see how that ends up.
I had mentioned yesterday that there was something screwy with the DTS. I still have not heard back with an explanation…not sure if that means it isn’t coming, or if I’m in the queue.

2013-01-16 USDD