Daily Deficit for 11/8/2012

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. The Daily Deficit for yesterday, 11/8/2012 was $5.7B on revenue of $3.4B and spending of $9.2B.

Through 8 days of November, the monthly deficit is $64B vs $67B in 2011. Cost is essentially flat with Revenue up $3B. All in all, looking like we are pretty much on track for a November deficit on par with last year’s $142B deficit. However, since 12/1 is on a weekend, it is likely that a chunk of December spending will get pulled into November.

 I’ll throw a dart here and say we end November at $160B.  Just to get everyone caught up, through The first 10 months of 2012, the deficit has been $929B vs $1,062B over the same period in 2012… a $133B improvement on increased revenue and flat cost.