Daily US Deficit For 11/13/2012

For 11/13/2012 the US government ran a surplus of $1.0B on revenue of $12.8B and 11.8B of expense. Don’t expect this to carry into tomorrow though. Social Security benefits go out the second, third, and fourth Wednesday’s of the month, so tomorrow’s report will likely have us at a $10-$15B daily deficit for 11/14. Quick math…that’s almost $50 per person in the United States….$250 for a family of 5. Yikes!! Maybe I should eat in tonight 🙂

Daily Deficit for 11/9/2012

Just a note, the DTS are typically released the following business day at 4PM EST. The deficit for last Friday, 11/9 was $4.8B on revenue of $5.3B and spending of $10.0B. Yes..these are rounded. Here’s how the month is looking through 9 days:

Through 9 days, the November deficit is $68.7B, an $8.8B improvement over 2011. Don’t get too excited yet. Revenue and cost are highly variable, and fluctuate depending on the day of the week and payment schedules.

Daily Deficit for 11/8/2012

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. The Daily Deficit for yesterday, 11/8/2012 was $5.7B on revenue of $3.4B and spending of $9.2B.

Through 8 days of November, the monthly deficit is $64B vs $67B in 2011. Cost is essentially flat with Revenue up $3B. All in all, looking like we are pretty much on track for a November deficit on par with last year’s $142B deficit. However, since 12/1 is on a weekend, it is likely that a chunk of December spending will get pulled into November.

 I’ll throw a dart here and say we end November at $160B.  Just to get everyone caught up, through The first 10 months of 2012, the deficit has been $929B vs $1,062B over the same period in 2012… a $133B improvement on increased revenue and flat cost.