7/31/2013 Daily US Cash Deficit

The US Cash Surplus for 7/31/2013 was $2.2B bringing the July 2013 deficit for the full month to $90B exceeding the July 2012 deficit of $82B by $8B.

07-31-2013 USDD

As expected, the last day of the month brought in strong revenues and strong outlays. $16B of revenues helped push yesterday’s meager 1% YOY gain all the way back up to 9%…respectable, but well under the pace set in the Jan-April period. Just for reference…YOY gains in revenue from Jan-April were about 15%…May through July, adjusting for the Fannie Mae payday loan is running at 9% YOY growth.

I’m pressed for time now, but will try to crank out a more in depth July review over the weekend. In the meantime…we get a first glance at August in just a few hours.