7/30/2013 Daily US Cash Deficit

The US  Cash Deficit for 7/30/2013 was $5.0B pushing the July 2013 deficit through 30 days back up to $93B with just one business day remaining.

07-30-2013 USDD

Recall…I aligned 2013 and 2012 by business days and day of week…So we are comparing 21 business days to 21 business days, but July 2013 has an extra day, so we are comparing All of July 2012 to 30 days of July. This is more or less what the month would have looked like without the extra business day….Flat revenues, and adjusted for timing, small, but noticeable reductions in outlays.

Yet…we do have an extra business day, so we can probably expect an additional $10-15B or both revenues and outlays. It still looks more likely than not revenues, even with the extra day will come in under 10%….August…which loses a business day could be downright ugly…