5/06/2013 Daily US Cash Deficit

The US Daily Cash Surplus for 5/6/2013 was $6.1B riding traditionally strong Monday revenues, including a strong wave of “Unemployment” inflows from the states. I’m not sure why, but May is always the heaviest month for this particular revenue stream….of the $60B or so the government gets over a 12 month period, about $20B of it is in May. To date, we have seen $13B this May…pretty much in line with last year.

2013-05-06 USDD

Looking at our charts, we see that through 6 days revenue is up $8B…a fairly large number for┬áless than a week, but I suspect some of it is just timing…Through 6 days, May 2012 had not yet had a Monday…with the associated strong revenues. So tomorrow, the months will more or less sync up….giving us our first glance…though admittedly very preliminary glance at revenues. Outlays are more or less in line for now…expect that to start jumping around with the upcoming social security payments. So far…nothing out of the ordinary to suggest a deviation from 10% revenue growth and flat outlays…