4/19/2013 Daily US Cash Deficit

The US Daily Surplus for 4/19/2013 was $11.6T…the “Surge” continues…

2013-04-19 USDD

Witheld tax deposits are now up 9% with tax deposits not withheld up a whopping 34%. Corporate taxes are up 26%.Net revenues are up 22%through 3 weeks, with 7 business days to go. It seems like a pretty solid bet that April 2013 will top April 2012 by a healthy margin….topping $100B even looks quite possible. There is one little thing…last year on Tuesday 4/24, there was a large spike in revenues to $35B. I’m sure there is a reason because I see the pattern….a large spike in revenues ~ the Tuesday after tax day for the last 3 years. Whatever it is, I have to assume we will see it again this year….but if it doesn’t, it’s going to pull down revenues by a material amount. We’ll know by Wednesday at 4pm.