Daily US Deficit For 1/7/2013

The US Daily Surplus for 1/7/2013 was $1.9B bringing the monthly total through 3 days to $26B. It’s only been four business days, so I wouldn’t get too excited yet, but revenues are up $8B and outlays are down $3B for an $11B improvement over January 2012. The “Debt Limit Cushion”  (Cash+ Borrowing Ability) is currently at $64.3B, which using last year as a guide, should get us into the first week of February. I saw a recent announcement from Treasury saying 2/15, so we are pretty much in line, though getting only an additional week out of “extraordinary measures” isn’t all that impressive. I still have not heard anything further on tax refunds being delayed…not sure if that means we are in the clear, but I’ll be filing ASAP just in case.

 2013-01-07 USDD